BONJOUR! My name is Carolyn and I'm a Scottish illustrator bumming about in Glasgow.  I used to live up a mountain but now I live in a box.  This is a space for my musings on settling back in the land of rain and drawings and scribbles and bits and pieces.


the twelve bitches of christmas [II]


the twelve bitches of christmas [I]


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The Swanson


wacom bamboo stylus - a half arsed review

I bought a bamboo stylus for drawing on my ipad the other day and its turned out to be pretty smashing.  I hesitated between it, the Applydea Maglus and the Studio Neat Cosmaunaut but in the end the Bamboo won out due to the Cosmaunaut looking a bit too chunky for drawing with, and my irrational fear of the magnetic Maglus wiping my bank cards.*  The Verge have a very insightful and thorough review on a range of stylus' (styli?) that you should probably have a swatch of if your considering buying one.

The Bamboo stylus is a bit odd to use at first but that's more to do with they way the ipad works as a drawing tool than the pen itself, and compared to using my awkward finger its infinitely better.  I've never been one for drawing digitally, I'm totally shite at it actually, but this is a lot of fun and unnervingly addictive.  I don't think it would ever be a viable substitute for my 'real drawing' but I could see it coming in handy for sketching out ideas or silly blog posts during the winter.**

Basically, I recommend it.  I'm a wee bit stressed about the tip wearing out, it screws off and is replaceable which might be a bad omen, but apart from that its been fandabbydozie.  Here's some of the shite I've produced from it in the order they were made, which I'm hoping shows the 'getting the hang of it' progression from "ah wtf" to "aye, awrite".





As a wee side note, I tried out a few different drawing apps too and Procreate is by far my favourite, all of the above drawings were made with it.  It has the nicest brush settings with a good range of different textures and a lovely quality of line on the studio pen, which is hard to produce on the ipad as its not pressure sensitive in the same way normal desktop drawing tablets are.  Plus you can create drawings in HD mode which gives a slightly bigger canvas of 1920x1408px. 

Brushes isn't too shabby either, but I found it a bit more fiddily to use.  There's lots of choice when it comes to customizing your brushes, but since I'm so inexperienced with digital drawing, that just left me a bit confused, and had me fannying about with different settings more than actually drawing. 

I can see the potential in Paper by FiftyThree but it also annoyed me.  It stores all your sketches in sexy little moleskinesuqe notebooks, and the line quality is even better than that of Procreate (see scribble below).  But the colour and shading tools - which you need to pay extra for - are what let it down for me.  To be honest I've not yet bought the extras and have only been able to try the wee teasers, but the water-colour effect, which seems to be your main go to guy for adding colour, is so splodgy and minging that it put me right off the whole thing.  On the other hand I do think as a tool for sketching out ideas the free app is pretty suave.. maybe I'll buy the upgrade on my trip to Glasgow next week and give you an update.  I've been known to be a fickle little bitch.


I'm sure there's plenty more drawing apps that I'm completely oblivious to.. if you've found any good 'uns let me know!


*I read a review by some areshole saying maybe it might wipe your hard drives / banks cards / memory sticks and even though I KNOW its probably a lot of shit I couldn't stop worrying about it.

**I usually tend to drop off the internety blogy radar when the ski season begins and I'm back working in the ski restaurant.  I'm usually so knackered each night when I finish that any non important illustrating (like blog posts, diary entries, bitchy ladies etc) don't seem to merit the effort of dragging the scanner*** out and editing when I could be sitting on my butt eating copious amounts of cheese and/or sleeping. 

***My scanners really big and heavy and always stored in one of many awkward places.

****That fuck off's not aimed at you, dear reader, it was just the first words that fell out my head, rolled down my arm and seeped out my hand as I was drawing that growler.


hold me

I redrew one of my favourite old scribbles the other day.  That is all.